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We are currently working on 1/10th scale model of a Nyctosaurus which will be the preliminary model for two life size replicas for the Museum of Science Boston. The 1/10th scale models will be available this fall after the unveiling of the life size replicas.

The Dinosaur Studio is pleased to announce the addition of Pay Pal to make ordering easier for our customers. Please be sure to read the notice at the top of the catalog page to insure a trouble free ordering process.

UPDATE: Battat has discontinued production of the Museum of Science line of dinosaur replicas. These toys ( half of which were sculpted by Dan LoRusso ) are considered the most scientifically accurate on the market. Please contact the Dinosaur Studio for current availability before ordering.

The Dinosaur Studio has been responsible for many components of this expanded exhibit area. Besides our life size Tyrannosaurus rex, we are responsible for the complete renovation of the museums copy of the AMNH Triceratops skeleton, acquisition of an actual Edmontosaurus humerus, fiberglass copy of the only known Tyrannosaurus footprint, building of three articulated skeletons (chicken, lizard, & Compsognathus), the sculpting of three bas relief profiles of the same in cold cast bronze, the design and sculpture of "Archaeoptechix fossil" matrix and a revised version of the Compsognathus matrix as well as painting a 1/8th scale Triceratops and 1/25th Apatosaurus sculptures by Tony McVey of Menagerie Productions.

The Museum of Science Tyrannosaurus Project began in February of 2000 with a skeletal pose sketch. This drawing was used as a pose sketch as well as the basis for the engineering drawings for the steel support structure. A diorama was assembled to show the public the comparison between the "old" Jonas Studio Tyrannosaurus and the updated version based on modern scientific information. The construction on the full size replica began October 13, 2000. An interesting aspect to this project was that the entire sculpting phase was to be done in full view of the public. By late December the sculpting was complete and the project was ready to move to the next stage. This sculpture then had to be cut into shippable sizes and transported to Skylight Studios where the molding process was to take place. Once the molds were completed they were trucked down to Fiberglass Specialties who then took over for the task of laying up the fiberglass material to create the final product. The 39 foot long partially assemble creature was then delivered to The Museum of Science in Boston, MA in early May of 2001. The final assembly and seam work took nearly 6 weeks to complete. Finally, the Tyrannosaurus was given a colorful, yet realistic paint scheme and was unofficially unveiled June 16,2001. The Museum of Science is awaiting the completion of renovations of the entire Dinosaur Area before officially unveiling their leaner, meaner Tyrannosaurus rex. This new replica will hopefully bring dinosaurs to life for generations of children as did it’s predecessor. To view the entire building process check out the Boston Globe Health/Science link.

The Dinosaur Studio wants to thank Eric Workman for the great photos and video footage he took of this monumental project.

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Black and white skeleton drawing.

Two Trexes in diorama.

Evil Rex
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Ride em Cowboy!


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